Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Existential carousel

I know, I know, too long. But can you really blame me? I was in Vancouver for a week from the 31st till the 7th. Making aquaintances, eating malay food, teh tarik, Robson street and the hot Vancouver chicks, getting blasted by the wind...among other things. Oh and of course how can I forget Incubus. One of the highlights of my trip to Vancouver. What can I say? I'm a fan, so obviously it was (insert favoured expletive here) awesome! I guess the only downside in my opinion is that it felt short and the two songs I wanted SO badly to hear live, they didn't play. The Warmth and Just A Phase. That's ok, maybe next time. Otherwise it will always be something I'd want to re-visit in my dreams. Oh and Brandon screwing up the last song was also hilarious. But if any of you know, going to a concert for the band you most listen to is just absolutely fantasmagorical.

The other highlight of my trip was meeting up with a friend I had not seen in ohh about 12 years? Funny things happen man, and I know it's cliche, but this world really is small. This friend of mine, who will remain anonymous for now, we went to the same primary school together in P.J. He was a year above me and at the time we met, I was in primary 5, so he went on to secondary school the year after and as WE recall, we have not seen each other since. It's weird that I later joined him in the same secondary school he went to. What happened? Lapse of memory for a year ke? We don't know as yet. Spooky..I actually ..wait..I can hear a faint twilight zone theme song playing somewhere.

It was also most definitely refreshing to hang out once again with my own people, i.e. Malays. I had not been in the company of so many Malays in Canada since I've been here. This time it was really a gong show, I mean, seriously, like 12 of us ok? One of them claimed that my Malay was still all right seeing that I've been away so long, I take that as a compliment, those of you who've said otherwise, hah! I would like to thank the three Malay Vancouverites who were most hospitable during our stay in their UBC dorms. Your company I will always remember. I think, in essence what I'm getting at is that I miss home.

Some time ago, I registered for a Digital Photography class at a local community college. Classes start tomorrow. Nervous for sure coz I haven't been in a classroom setting in a while, but like some have said, it's photography, how hard can it be? But..what if there are exams and the like? I'm kinda looking forward to it now (no not because there might be hot chicks)..(ok maybelah) more because I'm actually really keen on improving myself. God Willing it goes well.

Peace ya'll.


Anonymous grabulasa said...

hello bus mate/vafa/jungleboy etc

wahhhhhhh got blog, keep secret where can like this one!!?? hehe, nice to see you blogging again after stumbling on it.

you're linked. last semester starting at uni soon.......finally!

oh just so you know, i'm blaming you for my bitch tits:


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