Friday, December 22, 2006

Letter from Jim

This is an excerpt of a letter from Jim,

Oh what a joy it truly is when this blogger visits me. I look forward to it everytime, all 4 ...sometimes 5 times a week. He likes his Jim ;) He comes all prepared with his "equipment", dresses for the occasion I tell ya. We always have fun together, from the front or behind. When he leaves, he's all hard and sweaty, well, what can I say, an hour and a half inside me and anyone would leave feeling sweaty. And he knows his stuff, this blogger is no newbie, he knows how to use his and MY equipment like a pro. He could do with some new moves to spice things up or add variety, but he's doing fine for now. I like it when he breathes heavily and moans...grunts..oh yess! Too bad I can't "enter" this blogger, lets just say size matters and my equipment is a little larger than the average ;) To add to that other guys are around too, so I get more than a double dose of what I need on a daily basis. I'll end with the fact that Jim is always there whenever this blogger needs him, I'll work him like no tomorrow, make him sweat and leave him all hard.

from Jim...a.k.a. the dirty minded bastards!!

Gay enough for ya? And to think i was a homophobe.


Anonymous xPheOniXx said...

gOOd oNE...haha

1:03 AM

Blogger ira said...

Hilarious stuff!! =D

5:38 AM

Anonymous seekin said...

Where you go la?
Busy tending to Jim?

9:05 PM


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