Friday, December 08, 2006


The long awaited, eagerly anticipated, arrival of the Light Grenades LP reached my mailbox a week after its official release.I have to admit I was somewhat frustrated it took a week longer than expected and I have to thank one of my housemates (without whom I wouldn't have been able to order the Album) for pressing hard on Future Shop regarding their lax customer service conduct.

First thing I had to do was obviously press play. It didn't hit me like a blow to the head, it was more like a, wait for it...wait for it...wait for it..and then BANG! It seems like Incubus never fail in that aspect of their music; it grows on you. Perhaps a long time fan will always be a fan no matter how bad the music is. But this album is FREAKIN AWESOME. They seem to have simultaneously shed the Incubus of old, but kept the essence of the good old days. Traces of the Incubus from previous albums do exist but they have absolutely taken that apart and put it back together beyond recognition. This album showcases melodic experimentation that probably only goes on inside the brain-cell damaged heads of the californian quintet. I am far from a music junkie, heck Incubus is probably the ONLY band I am very familiar with, and this sort of genius has probably been attempted by other bands but like I mentioned in my previous post, to each his own.

I just wonder what all this will sound like live ;) With Brandon's voice an instrument on its own, Mikey's riffs exploding and in some cases mellowing out, Ben's insane creativity on the bass, Kilmore's growing expertise on more than just the turntables (this guy has probably grown the most as a musician) and of course, who can forget Jose the muchacho master on the skins. I wouldn't say the album is perfect as I have some beef with the length of it, I keep wanting more! I guess that's the beauty of Incubus (ok some of you can stop puking now) Just remember that even diamonds start as coal and I think Incubus are in the works for something huge.


Anonymous seekin said...

"I just wonder what all this will sound like live ;)"

Why didn't you get tickets for me??? Grrrr.

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