Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Musical explosion at its somewhat finest

It's been almost a month since I last jammed. The guy with the contacts and jam space (which is actually his church) had been busy for a while and his church was switching security systems, so he had to wait till he got his new key and passcode. Last night's jam session was the result of depriving us (a bunch of non-angst ridden 20 something year olds) from jamming our hearts out for almost a month. I personally felt that I could have hit the skin better (doing cardio half an hour before jamming doesn't bode well in terms of keeping a consistent bass beat) but the guys on the guitar and bass were going nuts. The one guy, lets call him...Indonesian number 1 was improvising Teen Spirit with his own solos, I gave a second look and I think...I think I saw tears running down the frets of his Gibson. Indonesian number 2 did a number on his Fender Jazzmaster and Indonesian number 3 was totally hitting the right notes on rhythm. We also had a one man audience lsat night, we'll call him...Malaysian number 1, yea, you know who you are..and by the way he left me a nice testimonial on friendster, although I don't really see myself in that light..but whatever, props to him. The first hour and a half went well for me, but after that my kick leg just went dead, I couldn't keep a consistent beat from the stress of cardio before. But I shouldn't be complaining, the jam session almost didn't that would have really bummed me out, especially after a month long absence. What happened was that our friend's passcode didn't work for some reason, several false alarms and phonecalls later he got a hold of someone else's passcode and we were good to go. We didn't really have any songs in mind to jam to but next week we're hoping to have 3 songs to practice and hopefully perfect...and from there build a repertoire I guess. I'm actually pretty excited as we're hoping for this to be a weekly session. I really intend to also broaden my scope of skin hitting, i want to be able to play pretty much it latin, jazz, reggae, funk, punk, rock, alt., and... rojak. If anyone has got tips do leave a message or comment, I would appreciate any help I can get. And thus is the life of a jungleboy in Alberta, peace out and keep it fantasmagorical ya'll.


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