Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Nayy! Too soon, I just started blogging, I mean, I'm only on my 5th post for God's sake. I can't be on hiatus already. Last week was pretty hectic at work ("haha, very funny buddy... I KNOW what it is you do at work" say some of you) but really I WAS busy, and well...this week just started, hence the "short" absence from this universe I like to call the blog cosmos. I was just thinking about it, "they"(the powers that be..hollywood) should make a movie about blogs, or what a friend of mine likes to call a "mockumentary". Have a crewship say...Blogship Enterprise with a Captain Kirk or Jean Luc Piccard persona on board...that would serve as what we know as a web browser. The crew on the ship would consist of the multiple tools found on your regular web browser, you know...history, bookmarks, help, pop-up blocker (oh wait, that's only with an upgrade). Anyway, you get the idea right. So we have like tons of blogs to visit, much like our galaxy and its planets. Virus ridden blogs, which have cunning spyware programs that infiltrate even the most up to date spyware blocker systems, R-rated blogs which REALLY, I haven't come across yet, but do not fret, with Firefox's ergonomically designed tabbed windows feature (I don't remember what it's called, and please don't get all anal on me and tell me what it's official name is and warn me that you'll beat my ass if I don't use it next time), I can run two windows at a time, thus allowing me to run one browser but with two windows, talk about two birds with one stone. And hey while I'm dropping names like Firefox, can't there be an intergalactic rivalry between the various web browsers out there? Just like in Star Trek. Maybe an arms or moon race between Opera, Netscape, I.E and Firefox, like an update race, where the competing web browsers are like trying to reach a particular site (i.e. the moon) which requires a new feature (something like direct X or whatever they call it these days). And then the whole Microsoft monopoly..i.e., America, which causes conversations like "Oh ya, that site you have to use I.E. to visit, or else it's a pain with updates etc. Doesn't that make for an upbeat, action packed day on the web? I'm actually not that familiar with Star Trek OR any web browsers and the fans (I mean...nerds :P) reading might be a little pissed that a newbie like me is mocking their beloved TV program, but hey it makes for a good film, what do YOU want me to do? In fact I could probably use their help in creating a rudimentary storyline for that film. Something perhaps from a classic Star Trek season, episode or movie and make it fit with "Blog Trek", hey look I just came up with a name for the film. Seriously, film geeks (I consider myself 1/4 film geek, just as I am 1/4 of everything else) would have multiple orgasms linking how a particular season/episode/movie of Star Trek is in so many ways similar and not to the film I have in mind. And on that note, the sack, I should hit (ok please, i mean the bed all right?). It is lack of sleep that caused me to go on this rant anyway. Goodnight and goodluck? Peace out.


Anonymous seekin said...

Get more sleep, dude.
The imagination is reeeaaaallly running wild! *lol*

7:27 PM


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