Sunday, October 15, 2006

The delight of sleeping in

Now some of you may disagree but sleeping in on the weekends once in a while CAN be a good thing. Pillow swept hair, cheeks puffed, complexion pale, dry mouth and droopy eyes are the few symptoms (among many) which I am currently basking in. Many an afternoon have I noticed these signs in my housemates over the several weekends I've shared with them. And I say to myself, "Why in the heck can't I sleep in?" Well not today, I finally managed to stay in bed till 12:30pm, woo-freakin'-hoo! That's still early by some standards; not mine. I hear one of my housemates already awake, but no sign of the other and it's already 1pm; see what I mean? Whatever the case, getting a good night of sleep is what I've been yearning for for the last month since I started work. I don't plan on this every weekend, but damn does it feel good. Plus no one called me at 9am to wake me up. Last weekend was a disaster. It being the thanksgiving long weekend, I figured I could 'plan' to wake up late (a luxury I must confess). But alas that wasn't to be as twice I woke up for Subuh/Fajr, after which I stayed up till 12noon, only to get a 3 hour nap which really isn't enough after a late night. That being said, I like to think myself as a morning person, one who enjoys the rare sleep in on the weekends.

I have an error to correct from my last post. I mentioned that one of my housemates is a Mechanical Engineer, he is in fact an Electrical Engineer. I was told that he was hurt by my remarks, and truly it was an honest mistake. I know he's only joking but really, I got caught up in the moment and typed Mechanical Engineer instead. But Electrical Engineers make hydroelectric dams too right? I mean, the word electric is in there :P On a lighter note, you should check out the burp this guy has, freakin komodo dragon that guy. Maybe I should ask their permissions for using their first names on my blog and soon post up pictures etc of komodo dragon in his easy access jubah, I forget what they call it in arabic or urdu or hindhi.

Lastly, just a few things to mention before I take a shower, shampoo, brush my teeth, and well... basically look fresh. Check out my 'blogs i read' section, these guys have been blogging well before I started so they're pretty adept. And our electricity bill last month was $50 which is the average, but since we're aiming for an all time low, we're hoping for it to be in the $30 range or lower. Peace out.


Blogger ira said...

i can't sleep in either. but i think that's coz my mom trained me too well - she used to nag so much that now, i automatically roll out of bed..and my latest is usually ten. haha.

check my blog for a pic of kak ayu's baby. =)

10:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi bro..myrza at bedok lane..thought of droppin a comment for care!...:D

10:31 PM


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