Friday, October 27, 2006

Can you wait one year?

It has been pretty hectic as of late, what with Aidil Fitri celebrations, work and eating. I cannot jeapordize good food opportunities for blogging (i'm sorry but it's true). As always, Ramadhan goes by quick. Before you know it, it's gone and we are again exposed to The Evil One's whispers. InsyaAllah I will be stronger this time. This year's Hari Raya was inevitably different. How you ask? 6 Malaysians an Indonesian and 2 Indians different, that's how. The influx of Malaysians albeit a small number has definitely made it a better celebration. I even donned a Baju Kurung (Singapore lingo, just coz i feel like it) for the first time in 5 years. As for the Indonesian fella, he definitely added to the quirks and antics of an overseas Hari Raya celebration. And the 2 Indians, well, they are my housemates and good food is their middle name ;) Suffice to say that I probably gained the weight I lost during the last few days since Raya (no, I don't know for sure). Whatever the case I hope my Muslim readers had a good Eid/Hari Raya, if over the last year I have crossed any boundaries please forgive me physically and spiritually. And insyaAllah I will strive with even more zeal towards Him; eager for next Ramadhan.

I am sorry to say that our efforts to reduce the electricity bill has been somewhat discouraging. There is still hope for next month though. The bill last month was $50 and Safwan called me today to tell me that it is $42 this month. Not the all time low we were aiming for and yes I know it's $8(not bad for a first effort maybe), but ONLY $8? The next step in reducing our bill would be to turn off our computers when not using them (which we should be doing ANYWAYS regardless of the bill) but we are stubborn bachelors. Once this step has been implemented which technically should be tonight we will wait like mad cows for next month's electricity bill. Maybe use Komodo Dragon's orally released methane gas for the time being to power a monitor or two. I will keep you updated about the bill.

Two weeks before Ramadhan, I started a "haphazard" cardio program with the aim of sculpting dashboard abs. Yes, aiming for abs is probably "shallower than a kiddie's pool" ( i got that straight out of Men's Health Amazing Abs guidebook), but I'm doing it for various reasons which I think both guys AND girls can empathize with :) You don't really have to think hard about it, like I said... it's pretty shallow. Anyway, Ramadhan arrived and I figured it not a good idea to be doing cardio while I was fasting and I'd be better off at Terawih rather than the gym during the night. So that plan was put on hold, no biggie really. Cardio starts again for me this Sunday. I hope to start the first week or two with about three 30 minute cardio sessions a week, moving on to five 30 minute cardio sessions a week. Mostly on the elliptical machine as the injury risk is lower. It is a well known fact that a six pack is actually 90% diet, however, I am not that disciplined guys, but who knows, I might end up following a strict guide...or maybe a flat tummy is enough for me. In addition to that I will be trying out new ab exercises from the Men's Health guidebook. I will keep ya'll updated on my progress on a monthly basis with maybe some pictures, if I have the abs :P Aren't you all just excited to be on this wonderful adventure with me? Guys its ok if you feel gay right now, it's normal (haha). Peace out, the gym is calling.


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