Saturday, September 23, 2006

This Friday at the SUB

So umm I decided to start blogging again. I thought about it for about a month as some of you already know. With the circumstances that have come to be and that I find myself in, I figured that I might be able to bring something new that was perhaps lacking in my old blog. I could be wrong however and revert to my old 'ways'. I wanted to start my blog with the arrival of something significant; since I was too fickle when I got my job; Ramadhan seemed the appropriate time. Even then, as you probably notice, the blog is in it's crude form. I haven't had the time to add links and do up my profile, I just wanted to get a post in before the first day of puasa. I will spice it up eventually when I learn how to, and for those of you familiar with blogger, please don't get annoyed if I suddenly have a million questions, ya'll know I'm too lazy to read the 'help' links :) For now, ciao...I need sleep and I'm exhausted. Oh and...Selamat Berpuasa!


Blogger ira said...

first tag! whee! happy fasting. you'll bet to buka before me. hahah.

7:55 AM


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