Friday, September 29, 2006

Next Friday at the SUB

So I almost forgot that I had a blog. I figured that since I haven't blogged in a while I should introduce myself properly lest you feel insulted at my foray into blog cosmos. I shall call myself Jungleboy for security reasons. I grew up on a tropical island but then moved to a neighbouring peninsula. Somewhere along the line I graduated with a degree on how to read people's mind. Fast forward a few months and I find myself working with mentally challenged individuals. With free time on my hands I decided to blog so everyone I know (who hopefully will read my posts) can suffer the boredom that is my life :) Some may ask about the blog title and it is merely a reference to one of my shifts at work. The SUB is the Students' Union Building at the accredited University where I graduated with a degree in a faculty they unfortunately didn't pay too much attention to :P Everyday the SUB plays host to fresh faced first year students and university veterans. Friday is the day I am there with a mentally challenged individual who's duties are mainly custodial. So...everyone ok with Fridays at the SUB? Now concerning my intentions with the blog, feedback is welcome, opinions too, be blunt etc. I haven't fully decided the tone of the blog although I think it'll be mostly whatever my mood feels like during the week or day. Updates insyaAllah will be more frequent.


Blogger ira said...

This Friday..Next Friday..what comes after that? Haha =)

8:34 AM

Anonymous see kin said...

Go on. Write that post titled Once You Go ***... I need a controversial blogger best friend for that litle bit of fame! I'll back you up la...promise. ;P

P.S. It's 0021 hours here in Sg and I'm up cooking for the classmates' buka tomorrow! *lol*

10:29 AM


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