Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Existential carousel

I know, I know, too long. But can you really blame me? I was in Vancouver for a week from the 31st till the 7th. Making aquaintances, eating malay food, teh tarik, Robson street and the hot Vancouver chicks, getting blasted by the wind...among other things. Oh and of course how can I forget Incubus. One of the highlights of my trip to Vancouver. What can I say? I'm a fan, so obviously it was (insert favoured expletive here) awesome! I guess the only downside in my opinion is that it felt short and the two songs I wanted SO badly to hear live, they didn't play. The Warmth and Just A Phase. That's ok, maybe next time. Otherwise it will always be something I'd want to re-visit in my dreams. Oh and Brandon screwing up the last song was also hilarious. But if any of you know, going to a concert for the band you most listen to is just absolutely fantasmagorical.

The other highlight of my trip was meeting up with a friend I had not seen in ohh about 12 years? Funny things happen man, and I know it's cliche, but this world really is small. This friend of mine, who will remain anonymous for now, we went to the same primary school together in P.J. He was a year above me and at the time we met, I was in primary 5, so he went on to secondary school the year after and as WE recall, we have not seen each other since. It's weird that I later joined him in the same secondary school he went to. What happened? Lapse of memory for a year ke? We don't know as yet. Spooky..I actually ..wait..I can hear a faint twilight zone theme song playing somewhere.

It was also most definitely refreshing to hang out once again with my own people, i.e. Malays. I had not been in the company of so many Malays in Canada since I've been here. This time it was really a gong show, I mean, seriously, like 12 of us ok? One of them claimed that my Malay was still all right seeing that I've been away so long, I take that as a compliment, those of you who've said otherwise, hah! I would like to thank the three Malay Vancouverites who were most hospitable during our stay in their UBC dorms. Your company I will always remember. I think, in essence what I'm getting at is that I miss home.

Some time ago, I registered for a Digital Photography class at a local community college. Classes start tomorrow. Nervous for sure coz I haven't been in a classroom setting in a while, but like some have said, it's photography, how hard can it be? But..what if there are exams and the like? I'm kinda looking forward to it now (no not because there might be hot chicks)..(ok maybelah) more because I'm actually really keen on improving myself. God Willing it goes well.

Peace ya'll.

Friday, December 22, 2006

Letter from Jim

This is an excerpt of a letter from Jim,

Oh what a joy it truly is when this blogger visits me. I look forward to it everytime, all 4 ...sometimes 5 times a week. He likes his Jim ;) He comes all prepared with his "equipment", dresses for the occasion I tell ya. We always have fun together, from the front or behind. When he leaves, he's all hard and sweaty, well, what can I say, an hour and a half inside me and anyone would leave feeling sweaty. And he knows his stuff, this blogger is no newbie, he knows how to use his and MY equipment like a pro. He could do with some new moves to spice things up or add variety, but he's doing fine for now. I like it when he breathes heavily and moans...grunts..oh yess! Too bad I can't "enter" this blogger, lets just say size matters and my equipment is a little larger than the average ;) To add to that other guys are around too, so I get more than a double dose of what I need on a daily basis. I'll end with the fact that Jim is always there whenever this blogger needs him, I'll work him like no tomorrow, make him sweat and leave him all hard.

from Jim...a.k.a. the Gym...you dirty minded bastards!!

Gay enough for ya? And to think i was a homophobe.

Friday, December 08, 2006


The long awaited, eagerly anticipated, arrival of the Light Grenades LP reached my mailbox a week after its official release.I have to admit I was somewhat frustrated it took a week longer than expected and I have to thank one of my housemates (without whom I wouldn't have been able to order the Album) for pressing hard on Future Shop regarding their lax customer service conduct.

First thing I had to do was obviously press play. It didn't hit me like a blow to the head, it was more like a, wait for it...wait for it...wait for it..and then BANG! It seems like Incubus never fail in that aspect of their music; it grows on you. Perhaps a long time fan will always be a fan no matter how bad the music is. But this album is FREAKIN AWESOME. They seem to have simultaneously shed the Incubus of old, but kept the essence of the good old days. Traces of the Incubus from previous albums do exist but they have absolutely taken that apart and put it back together beyond recognition. This album showcases melodic experimentation that probably only goes on inside the brain-cell damaged heads of the californian quintet. I am far from a music junkie, heck Incubus is probably the ONLY band I am very familiar with, and this sort of genius has probably been attempted by other bands but like I mentioned in my previous post, to each his own.

I just wonder what all this will sound like live ;) With Brandon's voice an instrument on its own, Mikey's riffs exploding and in some cases mellowing out, Ben's insane creativity on the bass, Kilmore's growing expertise on more than just the turntables (this guy has probably grown the most as a musician) and of course, who can forget Jose the muchacho master on the skins. I wouldn't say the album is perfect as I have some beef with the length of it, I keep wanting more! I guess that's the beauty of Incubus (ok some of you can stop puking now) Just remember that even diamonds start as coal and I think Incubus are in the works for something huge.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The boys are back

That's right folks! They're back and ready to make sweet, sweet love to you in your dreams ladies, so watch out!! Light Grenades (Incubus' sixth full length album) went on sale Nov 28th, I ordered mine already, pre-ordered lagi, jangan main-main, but it's taking a while to get here. I have mixed feelings about this album as I have listened to the 30 second samples available on their official website. Some songs sound good...others made me wonder 'what in the heck were they thinking?' but it was the same for A Crow Left of The Murder too, Incubus has a tendency to reinvent/revamp their musical genius every album...a luxury some bands cannot grasp the idea of. Say what you will, but at the end of the day everybody has their own take on what is good and not. I personally respect others for their taste in music, movies, food, literature, etc., so if you don't like Incubus that's fine with me, just don't shove it in my face. But if you don't like Nasi Lemak then...there's something seriously wrong with you. Seriously.

I'm back in business too, our internet went a little loco the last couple of weeks, we weren't sure what the problem was. Turns out one of my housemates computers as well as mine may have picked up a virus. So we had to do what anyone else would have done. Reformat our computers; and now they're running like brand new, well not really, more like after 6 months of use with some spyware symptoms, RAM and Hard drive size deficiencies.

I mentioned updating on my work out routine. It's been going well, 4-5 days of cardio a week, weights every other day. Results on the other hand seem to put a damper on the whole idea, but I'm not giving up! I know abs are the hardest to see any results in and perhaps its time I up the ante. Maybe it's just me but I have noticed the midsection being a little leaner than before I started the 5 cardio sessions a week. Then again, I haven't fully watched my diet, as of this typing, 3 bars of Kinder Bueno await their doom i.e. consumption. Maybe I'll just settle for a firm tummy. Sheesh I feel so shallow right now, but whatever man. Also I might have to take a break from gymming for a few days (oh calamity!). I've been having these throbbing headaches and according to one of my housemates it may be because of a knot I have in my shoulder, in fact that was actually justified when he started massaging my shoulder and the pain went straight to my head. But who knows, it could be anything, I'll definitely visit the doctor some time soon.

Jamming hasn't gone as well as I thought it would have. We've missed two jam sessions but with good reason. Last week a friend met with an accident, he's ok he just had to settle the insurance stuff that Tuesday so we missed that session. And this week, well the weathers been awfully cold as of late, the roads are bad and it made sense not to drive in such conditions. Oh well, perhaps more time for us to practice the songs on our own. Lets hope things go well next week shall we?

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Musical explosion at its somewhat finest

It's been almost a month since I last jammed. The guy with the contacts and jam space (which is actually his church) had been busy for a while and his church was switching security systems, so he had to wait till he got his new key and passcode. Last night's jam session was the result of depriving us (a bunch of non-angst ridden 20 something year olds) from jamming our hearts out for almost a month. I personally felt that I could have hit the skin better (doing cardio half an hour before jamming doesn't bode well in terms of keeping a consistent bass beat) but the guys on the guitar and bass were going nuts. The one guy, lets call him...Indonesian number 1 was improvising Teen Spirit with his own solos, I gave a second look and I think...I think I saw tears running down the frets of his Gibson. Indonesian number 2 did a number on his Fender Jazzmaster and Indonesian number 3 was totally hitting the right notes on rhythm. We also had a one man audience lsat night, we'll call him...Malaysian number 1, yea, you know who you are..and by the way he left me a nice testimonial on friendster, although I don't really see myself in that light..but whatever, props to him. The first hour and a half went well for me, but after that my kick leg just went dead, I couldn't keep a consistent beat from the stress of cardio before. But I shouldn't be complaining, the jam session almost didn't happen...now that would have really bummed me out, especially after a month long absence. What happened was that our friend's passcode didn't work for some reason, several false alarms and phonecalls later he got a hold of someone else's passcode and we were good to go. We didn't really have any songs in mind to jam to but next week we're hoping to have 3 songs to practice and hopefully perfect...and from there build a repertoire I guess. I'm actually pretty excited as we're hoping for this to be a weekly session. I really intend to also broaden my scope of skin hitting, i want to be able to play pretty much everything...be it latin, jazz, reggae, funk, punk, rock, alt., and... rojak. If anyone has got tips do leave a message or comment, I would appreciate any help I can get. And thus is the life of a jungleboy in Alberta, peace out and keep it fantasmagorical ya'll.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006


Nayy! Too soon, I just started blogging, I mean, I'm only on my 5th post for God's sake. I can't be on hiatus already. Last week was pretty hectic at work ("haha, very funny buddy... I KNOW what it is you do at work" say some of you) but really I WAS busy, and well...this week just started, hence the "short" absence from this universe I like to call the blog cosmos. I was just thinking about it, "they"(the powers that be..hollywood) should make a movie about blogs, or what a friend of mine likes to call a "mockumentary". Have a crewship say...Blogship Enterprise with a Captain Kirk or Jean Luc Piccard persona on board...that would serve as what we know as a web browser. The crew on the ship would consist of the multiple tools found on your regular web browser, you know...history, bookmarks, help, pop-up blocker (oh wait, that's only with an upgrade). Anyway, you get the idea right. So we have like tons of blogs to visit, much like our galaxy and its planets. Virus ridden blogs, which have cunning spyware programs that infiltrate even the most up to date spyware blocker systems, R-rated blogs which REALLY, I haven't come across yet, but do not fret, with Firefox's ergonomically designed tabbed windows feature (I don't remember what it's called, and please don't get all anal on me and tell me what it's official name is and warn me that you'll beat my ass if I don't use it next time), I can run two windows at a time, thus allowing me to run one browser but with two windows, talk about two birds with one stone. And hey while I'm dropping names like Firefox, can't there be an intergalactic rivalry between the various web browsers out there? Just like in Star Trek. Maybe an arms or moon race between Opera, Netscape, I.E and Firefox, like an update race, where the competing web browsers are like trying to reach a particular site (i.e. the moon) which requires a new feature (something like direct X or whatever they call it these days). And then the whole Microsoft monopoly..i.e., America, which causes conversations like "Oh ya, that site you have to use I.E. to visit, or else it's a pain with updates etc. Doesn't that make for an upbeat, action packed day on the web? I'm actually not that familiar with Star Trek OR any web browsers and the fans (I mean...nerds :P) reading might be a little pissed that a newbie like me is mocking their beloved TV program, but hey it makes for a good film, what do YOU want me to do? In fact I could probably use their help in creating a rudimentary storyline for that film. Something perhaps from a classic Star Trek season, episode or movie and make it fit with "Blog Trek", hey look I just came up with a name for the film. Seriously, film geeks (I consider myself 1/4 film geek, just as I am 1/4 of everything else) would have multiple orgasms linking how a particular season/episode/movie of Star Trek is in so many ways similar and not to the film I have in mind. And on that note, the sack, I should hit (ok please, i mean the bed all right?). It is lack of sleep that caused me to go on this rant anyway. Goodnight and goodluck? Peace out.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Can you wait one year?

It has been pretty hectic as of late, what with Aidil Fitri celebrations, work and eating. I cannot jeapordize good food opportunities for blogging (i'm sorry but it's true). As always, Ramadhan goes by quick. Before you know it, it's gone and we are again exposed to The Evil One's whispers. InsyaAllah I will be stronger this time. This year's Hari Raya was inevitably different. How you ask? 6 Malaysians an Indonesian and 2 Indians different, that's how. The influx of Malaysians albeit a small number has definitely made it a better celebration. I even donned a Baju Kurung (Singapore lingo, just coz i feel like it) for the first time in 5 years. As for the Indonesian fella, he definitely added to the quirks and antics of an overseas Hari Raya celebration. And the 2 Indians, well, they are my housemates and good food is their middle name ;) Suffice to say that I probably gained the weight I lost during Ramadhan..in the last few days since Raya (no, I don't know for sure). Whatever the case I hope my Muslim readers had a good Eid/Hari Raya, if over the last year I have crossed any boundaries please forgive me physically and spiritually. And insyaAllah I will strive with even more zeal towards Him; eager for next Ramadhan.

I am sorry to say that our efforts to reduce the electricity bill has been somewhat discouraging. There is still hope for next month though. The bill last month was $50 and Safwan called me today to tell me that it is $42 this month. Not the all time low we were aiming for and yes I know it's $8(not bad for a first effort maybe), but ONLY $8? The next step in reducing our bill would be to turn off our computers when not using them (which we should be doing ANYWAYS regardless of the bill) but we are stubborn bachelors. Once this step has been implemented which technically should be tonight we will wait like mad cows for next month's electricity bill. Maybe use Komodo Dragon's orally released methane gas for the time being to power a monitor or two. I will keep you updated about the bill.

Two weeks before Ramadhan, I started a "haphazard" cardio program with the aim of sculpting dashboard abs. Yes, aiming for abs is probably "shallower than a kiddie's pool" ( i got that straight out of Men's Health Amazing Abs guidebook), but I'm doing it for various reasons which I think both guys AND girls can empathize with :) You don't really have to think hard about it, like I said... it's pretty shallow. Anyway, Ramadhan arrived and I figured it not a good idea to be doing cardio while I was fasting and I'd be better off at Terawih rather than the gym during the night. So that plan was put on hold, no biggie really. Cardio starts again for me this Sunday. I hope to start the first week or two with about three 30 minute cardio sessions a week, moving on to five 30 minute cardio sessions a week. Mostly on the elliptical machine as the injury risk is lower. It is a well known fact that a six pack is actually 90% diet, however, I am not that disciplined guys, but who knows, I might end up following a strict guide...or maybe a flat tummy is enough for me. In addition to that I will be trying out new ab exercises from the Men's Health guidebook. I will keep ya'll updated on my progress on a monthly basis with maybe some pictures, if I have the abs :P Aren't you all just excited to be on this wonderful adventure with me? Guys its ok if you feel gay right now, it's normal (haha). Peace out, the gym is calling.